The Polytechnic Lodge holds its first non-masons Festive Board

The last meeting of The Polytechnic Lodge was another first in the history of the Lodge.

Following on from the success of a white table event held previously at the Old Charterhouse,  The Polytechnic Lodge held its first Festive Board with non masons present immediately after its last regular meeting at Mark Masons Hall.

Some 10 friends of members, who were viewed as potential candidates, were invited to meet up at 5.00pm in the reception area of Mark Masons Hall and were quickly escorted to the bar via the impressive grand staircase. The staircase, with its majestic and imposing paintings of Rulers from various Orders,  quickly arose the interest of our non-masonic guests. Reaching the top of the winding staircase they were welcomed into the bar by members of the Lodge.

After an hour of getting to know our non-masonic guests in the bar, it was time for us to enjoy their company at dinner. As we ate a most enjoyable carvery meal together we were able to keep to some of our formalities with wine takings and toasts. Our guests seemed equally happy and intrigued with the formalities we were able to share with them.

At the end of our dinner our visiting speaker,  Professor Chris Booth, Clinical Director of the Men’s Health Charity CHAPS spoke to us about men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer. Professor Chris delivered his message in a very factful, jovial, and sometimes terrifying manner especially when he handed round some ‘props’ to reinforce his most serious message. Professor Chris’s speech was widely applauded by all those present.

Worshipful Brother Jim Fleming, LGR had personal experience of the work of CHAPS and on behalf of The Polytechnic Lodge presented Professor Chris with a cheque for £500 as a donation from the lodge to support this most important message.

Of the 10 non-masons present three contacted the Secretary a few days after the dinner and asked for application forms for membership. A further three have expressed a serious interest in joining to their hosts and their applications are awaited. There are a further two applications for membership via the traditional route.

A most successful and enjoyable night.