The Polytechnic Lodge


The Polytechnic Lodge No. 2847 continues to thrive, with our membership increasing year on year with several candidates awaiting initiation and Brethren from other Lodges awaiting to be balloted as joining members of our Lodge in 2022.

In addition to our solid approach to masonic rituals during our lodge meetings, we have a strong approach to our charitable activities. Most of our members donate to charity through our Charities Association and the Lodge, in general, receives interest from our various [long term] financial investments. These continue to generate a reasonable amount of income, but the low-interest rates have negatively affected the total received. All the money received is donated to charitable causes.

The following is a breakdown of the various donations made in the ten-year period between 2011 and 2021.

Charitable Donations 2011-2021

Masonic Donations £17,735.00

Non Masonic Donations £8,105.00

Polytechnic Lodge

Masonic Donations


Non Masonic Donations


It should be pointed out that any donations made must take account of the individual brother’s personal and family circumstances, and there is no pressure to contribute anything. 10 pence from a poor man is more worthy than £10.00 from a rich man.



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