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Freemasonry is a secular society, based on four things. First and foremost, one has to have a belief in a supreme being. Then, there are the Three Core Masonic Principles – Neighbourly Concern, Charity and Moral Standards. Should one consider joining our Brotherhood, he must be willing to adhere to these principles and feel a profound readiness to pursue them.The Polytechnic Lodge is able to accept new members from any walk of life who meet the criteria set out below. The Polytechnic Lodge would especially welcome applications for membership from current or past members of the Polytechnic Institute, (now the University of Westminster) be they Students, Teaching, or Administrative Staff.

Freemasonry has its lodges throughout the free world. You’ll find Masons meeting in almost every town and village and – except where repressive governments make their existence difficult – they’re readily found. None of these lodges was ever organised as a result of any type of ‘missionary’ work: they came into existence because a group of Masons wanted to share the friendship and fraternity with others in the area

Essentially a candidate for Freemasonry may join regardless of his ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion. There are a few but important requirements to become a Freemason

  • Being a man, freeborn, of good repute and well-recommended;
  • A belief in a Supreme Being
  • Ability to support one’s self and family;
  • Of full age;
  • Come to Freemasonry of ‘your own will and accord.

Freemasonry is a physical experience. You can’t become a Mason by simply reading a book or by the internet. The demographics of the current members of the Polytechnic Lodge is multi-racial, multi-faith and from an age range from 21 – 88 years old

Being a man, freeborn, of good repute and well-recommended

Masonry began as a male organisation. There are women’s groups and groups of mixed male-female membership who use rituals similar to that of the major body of Freemasons throughout the world. Some of these groups receive acknowledgement (but not ‘recognition’) due to their adherence to high moral principles etc. while others are frowned upon. It is, after all, quite easy for anyone to claim that they are the head of a Masonic group and begin to obtain members.

The requirement of being “freeborn” harkens back to the earliest days of Freemasonry. It became a requirement since only those free from indentured service as an apprentice or bondsman (as many were in 17th century England, for example), could truly make decisions for themselves.

Being of good repute is another essential requirement. Masons will not entertain membership by those whose actions would stain the reputation of the fraternity

A well-recommended person is one for whom another is willing to vouch. Those who become Freemasons have been recommended by a proposer and then examined by lodge members to ensure that the candidate will benefit from his membership.

Belief in a Supreme Being

Masonry does not attempt to define or delineate how a person should pray or to whom worship should be addressed

The term “Great Architect of the Universe” is used to permit offerings of prayer in a non-offensive manner regardless of the varied religious beliefs of those present. All Masons understand this concept and when a prayer is said in lodge (a blessing before a meal, a word of prayer for the sick, for example), they understand that regardless of the person speaking the words or the usual form of prayer of others present, the prayer is addressed to their Supreme Being

Once a candidate professes such belief, no further investigation or interrogation is made.

Ability to support one’s self and family

This is important to ensure that those who seek membership understand the priority of Freemasonry is secondary to religious and family obligations!

Of full Age

Freemasons in the United Kingdom are generally required to be 21 years or older

Own Free Will and Accord

You won’t find recruiting posters or such to become a Freemason. Freemasons don’t get awards for bringing in new members. It’s a voluntary organisation, sought out by those with a positive impression of the organisation

Freemasons are free to let those who they may feel would be appropriate candidates know that they are ‘welcomed’ to join. This does not, however, in any way mitigate or diminish the requirement that a man should make the choice to join under his ‘own free will and accord’ and not actuated by unworthy motives.

There is nothing wrong with you making the initial step in asking a Freemason if you can join. If you are interested in joining the Polytechnic Lodge, simply complete the Contact Us box on the webpage and someone will get back to you to answer any questions you may have


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